Moogley Boogley

by Deluna

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released January 13, 2017



all rights reserved


Deluna Mobile, Alabama

Deluna is a punk/ambient band from Mobile, AL. Their debut album, Moogley Boogley, was released independently in January 2017. Deluna consists of
Jake Alexander-
Frankie Comer-
Dylan Kasper-
Collin Kendrick- Guitar
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Track Name: Daydreams
Was I ever really waking up, or did I dream the whole thing ever happened?
When I open up my eyes now, it seems like I'm making up, the whole story that brought me back.

If I close my eyes just one more time, will I see what I want?
But can I never even get that back, because it never really happened.
Track Name: Ugh
Say the words you know,
it's the sound that'll make it through,
it's the feeling when your mouth won't move,
next time I'll be true.

Say the words you've said,
were you ever really coming back?
When my trust never seemed to lack
but now I'm sinking in it again.

But it seems like lately I'm wasting my time, and every time I tell you about it, you just think I'm losing my mind.

All these words,
put together to make us move,
it has nothing to do with truth,
and I'm still waiting here for you.
Track Name: Dumb
Wonder if I'm losing my mind because I'm spinning out for the first time,
in a long time.
Check my head and look at the wall, because its spinning around,
like the last time,
I had a sound mind

Days passing like the months and it's dragging out,
I'm on the wrong track.
How can I get back?
It's all in my head and I'm running around,
like a maniac.
Where do I go back?
Track Name: Numb
Open the window,
I wanna see what's going on.
If I can only feel it,
then I'll know what's wrong.

I've opened up my eyes,
to what's going on around me.
If you're gone, how should I feel?
I'm too young to understand.

Now I'm left here without you.
No more guidance in my hand.
Everyone else has forgotten,
what it felt like with you here.
Track Name: Mono
I left all of my friends in the woods and if I don't make it back to find them again,
was I ever really there for them at all or did I just need them for me?
If my God allows for me to make up my mind, will it be the right way or will it be mine?
Because I'm nothing more than what I've been made,
I'm a crooked soul a broke whole needing to change.

And if my family come for me to change my life, have I made it on my own, or were they right?
Because I'm a crooked should a broken whole needing to change.

If I've become the liar then someone stop the words that are slipping out my mouth when I speak.
Was I on the path for you or was I slipping up?
But here I am on my own.